ISUFARMHOUSE.org is the home for news and information about the Iowa State Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity. We hope that this website will allow the chapter to inform others of chapter activities, connect with alumni members, and reach out to potential new members.


  • Recruitment


    FarmHouse Fraternity is always looking for new undergraduates to join our brotherhood. If you are currently a student at Iowa State University or are planning on attending, we encourage you to look at FarmHouse Fraternity. Our doors are always open to give tours or answer any questions about FarmHouse Fraternity, Iowa State University, or the greek community. See more on recruitment here.


  • Alumni


    If you know of a young man who is considering Iowa State and would be a great candidate for FarmHouse, we encourage you to fill out our "Membership Referral" form. We are constantly looking for quality new members to join our membership.



  • Connect with us:



    The Iowa State Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity is currently raising support to fund an expansion and remodeling project at 311 Ash Avenue. FarmHouse Fraternity at Iowa State University has called 311 Ash Avenue home for nearly 80 years! The last renovation to the current facility was in 1993. FarmHouse Fraternity is moving forward to update and expand the facility to establish an even greater future for its men. Find more information about the project here.